Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Little Valentine!

Sometimes it gets to be to far between visits with Eli!
He's changing so fast....his facial expressions, how he moves, how he figures out how to do things, his vocabulary....we actually have conversations with him now.
Just watching him play is such a joy! He is happy to play by himself unless he needs a horsey-back ride or wants to play hockey.

He talks out loud as he plays....Eli has such a great imagination.

We had such a gorgeous morning today
to go to the Highland Grill for breakfast
and for a drive thru St. Paul!
We pretty much have a tradition of going out for
Sunday brunch.....there are so many wonderful
local restaurants and cafes to chose from.
Love the Highland Grill's Salmon Omelet! Yummmm!!!

(We have a hard time getting Eli to pose for pictures!)
Nick and Eli were cleaning up some snow and
ice on the driveway and sidewalk when we got back
and some how they came up with the idea to dig
Eli's first snow tunnel....
(One time through and then off for a nap!)
Looking forward to our next 'visit'!!