Friday, February 29, 2008

Now they're felted. It may take a few days for them to completely dry. Then I'm going to add something to is
I tried them on and I think they will be great. I made the large size and they fit me perfectly right now and I'm sure they will stretch a bit. Check back for the final results!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Every other Wednesday I work at Uniquely Knit, a yarn store
in NewLondon. It is dangerous for me, so many great yarns, I want to try so many of them but my hands just don't knit fast enough. I keep telling myself, 'use up what you have.' But
then I see a beautiful fiber combination or color and 'I just
have to have it!' I have so many so many things I want to
make, there is no way I could ever give up knitting.

This hat pattern is called 'Republic' by Nicloe Reeves. Knit in a chunky yarn(I used Lamb's Pride Bluky) it goes pretty fast.
I'm ready to make my next one.

These are called Sula Slippers from Rowan Felted Collection. I substituted two strands of Galway for the Rowan Big Wool. We'll see how it is felting. Then I plan to do some stamping on them. I'm also going to find some
leather to attach to the sole.

The soles are only one layer,not two like the felted clog slippers and they would wear through very quickly.

The black doesn't show up very well, click on the pics to get
a closer look.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


...and I'm sure this will be for a while. I'm looking forward to adding thoughts, knitting patterns, pictures and the like to share with my family and friends! Getting my thoughts to flow isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Could be that it is Sunday night..., after a long weekend. Saturday I had a baby shower, cultural event, book work and then I took time to do some stamping/ scrapbooking with friends at Unity Stamp Company. Brooke, Susan, Angela and I hadn't been together for quite a while to work on our photo albums. Hopefully it gets to be a regular thing. I need to get more of my pictures out of boxes and into books for all to look at. I did a little stamping in an album about our(Tim and my) trip to Glacier National Park in Montana last July. I also did some stamping on a few felted eye/sun glass cases. I just love how my stamping on felt has been turning out.

The sizes of Angela's stamps are just amazing!!
Many of them have such a substantial size, great for the way I like to use them (on felted items) and for large scrapbook pages. Check out her web site.

Here's a picture of the bootees I
gave to Mandy and Jeremy for
their baby(due April 1st).
I found the pattern on a knitting
blog called, Saartje's Knits . The
pattern is so adorable. Great fit
around the ankle. Little one's
won't be able to kick them off!

Then today Tim and I spent the day in Montevideo at my sister Julies. The guys worked on my snowmobile and I did haircuts (on nephews John and Ken and my dad) and played a game with Julie and John. Just a relaxing day with family. And tomorrow.....a new work week.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Susan came by today to show me how to add a few things to my blog. What a great help!! As you can see, I am underconstruction!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, scrapping/stamping with friends.... I'll show you what happens!!
my friend susan is helping me.....