Sunday, February 24, 2008


...and I'm sure this will be for a while. I'm looking forward to adding thoughts, knitting patterns, pictures and the like to share with my family and friends! Getting my thoughts to flow isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Could be that it is Sunday night..., after a long weekend. Saturday I had a baby shower, cultural event, book work and then I took time to do some stamping/ scrapbooking with friends at Unity Stamp Company. Brooke, Susan, Angela and I hadn't been together for quite a while to work on our photo albums. Hopefully it gets to be a regular thing. I need to get more of my pictures out of boxes and into books for all to look at. I did a little stamping in an album about our(Tim and my) trip to Glacier National Park in Montana last July. I also did some stamping on a few felted eye/sun glass cases. I just love how my stamping on felt has been turning out.

The sizes of Angela's stamps are just amazing!!
Many of them have such a substantial size, great for the way I like to use them (on felted items) and for large scrapbook pages. Check out her web site.

Here's a picture of the bootees I
gave to Mandy and Jeremy for
their baby(due April 1st).
I found the pattern on a knitting
blog called, Saartje's Knits . The
pattern is so adorable. Great fit
around the ankle. Little one's
won't be able to kick them off!

Then today Tim and I spent the day in Montevideo at my sister Julies. The guys worked on my snowmobile and I did haircuts (on nephews John and Ken and my dad) and played a game with Julie and John. Just a relaxing day with family. And tomorrow.....a new work week.


Timm & Allison Peterson said...

Hey Karen!! What a COOL blog you have! :) That is awesome. I'll definitely be checking it out! I got the pattern for these booties... haven't tried them yet though! Yes, I'll be working both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning - early afternoon... I can't wait to work with you! It's been TOO long! We need to catch up... and maybe get more inspiration from my MOST creative knitting friend! :) Have a great day! Allison

Timm & Allison Peterson said...

Karen - I tried the bootie... but it looks out of proportion. What size needle did you use, and what yarn did you use? Thanks! Allison

Unity Stamp Company said...


Timm & Allison Peterson said...

Karen - here's my email address:

Thanks! :)