Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For the last 5 or 6 years I have been helping with the Kandiyohi Men's Club's "Santa Semi"! They decorate a semi trailer with Christmas lights....find volunteers to dress-up in costumes and go to 4-5 towns a night for four nights, to spread Holiday Cheer. Each town has their own Santa who gets on the semi with us and we ride into town dancing to rockin' holiday music! Lots of work but lots of fun!! On the last day(Sunday) we go to the nursing homes in Willmar....and as my dad is living at one I told my family what time we would be there so they could see what I have been up to!!
Randi and Eli came home for the occasion!!

Santa and Mrs. Claus led our group!

Here is me(Bear) with my dad!

Eli wasn't to sure at first but when he figured out it was Nana he was okay!

So fun to have my girls there!

Here is a few of my friends with my dad!!
With Love, 'Bear'

Monday, October 4, 2010

Boy on the Go!!!

He rarely sits still....just to eat and sleep!!
We had so much fun having Eli and his mommy and daddy stay with us this past weekend!

Eli had so much fun that he didn't want to go home!!

(You can see the reflection of his parents car in the door! They were waving good by thinking he would run to them.....no! He just waved and said 'bye'!!! So glad he likes being at Nana and Papa's!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Friends!

Megan and Rikka have been friends for ever....it seems!
They have shared so many special times!
And this fall as one of Rikka's bridesmaids,
Megan will be there for her special day!!
Congratulations, Rikka!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Down on the Farm.....

We spent the weekend in Green Valley with Tim's parents....Randi, Eli and Nick were there too!
On Saturday Tim and I went over to mow at my dad's farm (hence the sweaty hair)..... I'm getting use to the 1948 Allis Chalmers 'C' tractor. It's always good to go back to our roots!

Friday, August 13, 2010


After the beautiful scenery in Canada we headed to Glacier National Park in Montana! Banff was breath taking but Glacier is our favorite!

Lori caught this doe right on the side of the road....Tim and I were in the lead and totally missed her.(we could have reached out and touched her but with all there is to look at we were looking the other way)
Going to the Sun Highway!
By motorcycle.... the best way to see it!

As I took this pic of Lori and Jeff by the Weeping Wall (which was bawling this year)....

....Lori was taking this pic of Tim and I!

Loved the wild flowers!
Indian Paint Brush

Logan's Pass Wildlife!
Who minds a little road construction when you have views like this.........

Nature's Picture Frame!

Leaving Glacier.....the last views of the mountains!

End of the day.....end of the trip.....
just a few miles to go!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We took a 3050 mile trip to Banff, BC, Canada and Glacier National Park, Montana with our dear friends Jeff and Lori!
What fun to travel with another couple who enjoy the same things we do! Especially that we could skip all the tourist traps. Just keep it simple for all of us!
The first part of our trip was to Canada! Sunday night(3rd night of our trip) in Calgary....time to celebrate Jeff's Birthday!!

Time to sign up for the '** Alive' class??!!! hehe
Monday a stop at Lake Louise in Banff, B.C.!

Canadian Rocky Mountain Majesty!

Spectacular views!!

While in Calgary we learned of a biker campground called Toad Rock near Nelson B.C.!
We weren't prepared for camping but were told they had other accommodations....

We got information and contacted Mary, the owner of Toad Rock! She was right there to great us when we rode up!

So we found out some of the 'other accommodations' were old buses.....

....and vans!!

We opted for the cabins Mary rescued from an old church camp. They had bunks and Tim and my cabin had a sleeper couch which turned out to be one of the most comfortable beds I slept on all week!!

And the main gathering spot was the Pavilion!

Great place to meet other bikers from all over!
We hope to go back to Toad Rock and spend more than one night there!

We really enjoyed Canada, the people and scenery were amazing!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The first part of our weekend we spent with Eli and his mommy and daddy....he has changed so much in just a few weeks.
Now we are headed to the 'lake' for more family time!!

Love being grandparents!

...things you can reach on your 6'5" dad's shoulders!!

" Rasberry jam is GOOD!!"

Playing trains at Choo Choo Bob's!!

" Hey, daddy.....this is mine!!"
(Eli sharing his Izzy Ice Cream!)

"Love my mommy!"

Monday, April 26, 2010

Celebrating Randi and Unity!!

Yesterday Tim and I went to the cities to celebrate our DD Randi's 30th Birthday!! We had so much fun shopping and going out to eat with Eli and the birthday girl!(Nick was playing softball but joined us for dinner!) Eli loves to be on the go....couldn't wait to wear his new rain coat!!

And to go with the rain coat he needed 'rain boots'!! With monsters on them!
After getting some great bargains at Rosedale Mall we stopped by the Roseville Archiver's!! I just had to see Unity Stamp Company's display there!!!

And there they were!! Unity's stamps even over flowed into the isles behind this end cap!!

This picture is for Bro!!! ;) (Tim even picked up the handles and was ready to learn how to use Unity's fabulous system!)
Where has the time gone?
But then it seems you have been
around for ever!!

Well, after a day of shopping and hanging with Nana and Papa, who wouldn't be pooped!!

All these pictures were taken with my new phone, HTC Hero!!

I'm likin' it!!