Sunday, September 27, 2009

Randi's old toys, The Nook, and Aamodt's Apple Farm!

We had a great weekend with
this cute little guy(and his parents)!
Our Minnesota weather has
been more than fabulous this fall!
I have been purging at home and
brought Randi her childhood toys.
Eli really enjoyed playing with them!

Saturday we headed to The Nook
in St. Paul for lunch!
Eli and I had never been there
before and I had been asking to go!
The Nook has been featured on
on the food channel!

The Nook is so small that you
get your name on a waiting
list....the wait wasn't bad!

When we were done eating
Eli started flirting with this
cutie who was waiting for a table!

Already picking up chicks in a bar!

Sunday we headed to

near Stillwater, MN.
They also had St. Croix wine and
these grapes were very tasty!
Eli also had a chance to see
and pet farm animals....

Took a chance for a few pics
in the orchard!

We thought Eli was giving
his mommy some love here!
Right after this picture he
decided to bite! HA
Teething babes!
I hope all of you had a beautiful
autumn weekend too!
Now....back to work!
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!!

Dear, dear daughter's!!

Sign says: 'Swimsuits optional beyond this point'!!

Nicest dock on Norway Lake!

Autumn beauty in Minnesota!

(Sunset cruise on the pontoon!)

Beach Baby!!

Birthday Bras! (9.1.09)

Happy Birthday Dear Sister!
(The bras showed up again for Labor Day weekend!)

Grandma's joy!

Boy at play!

'Gpa, I don't like my hood up!'


.......get me outta' here!'

Four Generations!

Labor Day weekend we spent the days out at my sister Julie's cabin on Norway Lake!(Only 15 minutes from our house!) Randi and Eli came home (Nick had a softball tournament in Rochester) for a couple of days!

What fun, family time we had!

Friday, September 11, 2009


The weekend of August 22nd we headed north for 4-wheeling and camped at a friends property east of the very small town of Leader! Pop. 7! Ha!
No 4-wheelin' pictures but here's a few of the pig races in Leader!
(What fun!)
The mayor of Leader is the 'M-C'! What energy he has, singing to country songs, dancing and throwing beads to the crowd!

Four pigs were brought out and if your name was drawn you could pick a number (which was painted on the pigs back),
if your pig won you would win a hat or t-shirt!

And in between races you could participate in other events! Like hopping rubber horses!! (NOT as easy as it looks!)
Long legged men did much better!

But, heck, why not give it a try!!
(Careful there, Mary!)

Yep, we lost!
But we had fun!

But Aaron and I did win a couple of races with our pigs!!!
Got us a couple of t-shirts!! Ha!
(Tim had the idea to have our picture taken with a pig!!)
So if you are ever in northern Minnesota between Memorial Day and Labor Day on Friday and Saturday nights, check out Leaders Pig Races!
Oh, 2 bucks to get in! Don't think I have ever had so much fun for $2.00!!