Friday, September 11, 2009


The weekend of August 22nd we headed north for 4-wheeling and camped at a friends property east of the very small town of Leader! Pop. 7! Ha!
No 4-wheelin' pictures but here's a few of the pig races in Leader!
(What fun!)
The mayor of Leader is the 'M-C'! What energy he has, singing to country songs, dancing and throwing beads to the crowd!

Four pigs were brought out and if your name was drawn you could pick a number (which was painted on the pigs back),
if your pig won you would win a hat or t-shirt!

And in between races you could participate in other events! Like hopping rubber horses!! (NOT as easy as it looks!)
Long legged men did much better!

But, heck, why not give it a try!!
(Careful there, Mary!)

Yep, we lost!
But we had fun!

But Aaron and I did win a couple of races with our pigs!!!
Got us a couple of t-shirts!! Ha!
(Tim had the idea to have our picture taken with a pig!!)
So if you are ever in northern Minnesota between Memorial Day and Labor Day on Friday and Saturday nights, check out Leaders Pig Races!
Oh, 2 bucks to get in! Don't think I have ever had so much fun for $2.00!!

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Christi Snow said...

These photos are hilarious! Too fun! smiles...