Sunday, August 9, 2009


For this summers vacation we were undecided on where we wanted to go! One idea was to go back to Sturgis for the 10th time. It's been 4 years since we had been there and a last minute conversation with friends helped us decide. Susan and Scott wanted to celebrate their 15th anniversary doing something they had never done before! So why not the historic Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? They borrowed a bike and got things ready in just a few days!
For Tim and I, our list consisted of:
Camping gear UPS'd out to Hans and Paula's! Check!
Maintenance on Road King! Check!
Clothes packed! Check!
Someone to water plants! Check!
Bills all paid! Check!
Ready to go! Check!
Here's a few of our highlights!

Bridal Veil Falls, Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota!

One Eyed Jack's balcony, Sturgis, South Dakota!

Our host and hostess, Hans and Paula at Bullwacker's in Whitewood, SD!

One day we headed to Wyoming......a few stops were the Stone House, Aladdin and Sundance!!

With fewer days and some threatening weather this trip, we only put on 1357 miles. All safe and enjoyable! And the scenery in the Black Hills is breathtaking!! The people watching always adds to the enjoyment! Amusing and sometimes shocking! And sometimes taking another groups picture you find out they know your North Dakota relatives! Small world!
Even though it's good to go on vacation, getting back home is even better!


Susan Westberg said...

Thanks for an awesome trip and being the greatest tour guides! It was so much fun and we plan on doing it again in the future. :) ♥

BloomingPink said...

Hey there! I just popped by to say that I'd been thinking about you....hoping that you had a fun summer.

I know you had had surgery over the summer...hope all is healed and you're hearing laughter and song and breezes and all those missing tones better than ever...Also hoping your absence from posting is simply because you are just enjoying all that real life has offer!

So, onto to a happy September, fading light, and the remaining warmth!