Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a few more touches....

Now that's better. I just felt this layout needed a little more so I added a chip board 'k' (I got a small box of letters from WalMart, can't remember the company name) and some old large photo corners.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Scrapped!!!!!

What should or could have taken a half an hour took me about two hours! Part was getting just the right ink pad out. One of my blacks has a blue look to it...just not 'sharp' enough. This page is a little to plain for me but I thought I would get into the baby scrapping mode even if it was with a 50 yo baby. The paper is 'daisyd's' and the flower is Close to My Heart Demensional Elements. And the stamps are Unity Stamp Company's - Cute as a Bug - set.

pictures.... on the 25th!

What a start to taking pictures on the 25th of each month.....I decided to take the challenge on this blog, Shimelle !!

Angela and Susan had posted about it and since I had seen this type of challenge before I thought 'now' is the time for me to do these are my first pictures..LOL! I had a long day at work and with the interesting Minnesota weather we just had a quiet evening at home. I mostly knitted and watched TV then I decided to play a little Wii. I love my little Wii girl! The daisy's are from our brunch last Sunday, Tim bought them for Randi, they were meant for her to take home, thanks for forgetting them Randi, I'm enjoying having fresh flowers on the table.

The evening lighting didn't work with my
photography skills!

And my Wii skills need a little work too!

Even though we are having a 'blizzard' this
morning, these flowers remind me that it
is actually SPRING!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


This month I have been able to help make memories for others and had memories made for me...
I am always telling myself that I need to document all the special moments, big or small, more! And this blog was my way of doing just that...

For starters, it's time for me to take more pictures of the things I knit or stamp(or both!) I have gotten a few things done and given away in the last month, no pictures, just my memories and I couldn't tell you how many pairs of these slippers I have made, this pair was for my dd Megan to give to her friend Kristin for her bridal shower yesterday. Megan is in Kristin wedding in May. I use the same Unity Stamp Company stamp that I used on Angela's green slippers. (I love this look so much I made a pair for myself too.) I also made a charcoal colored pair for a guy friend of hers and needle felted NKOTB on the top of each one, Megan already took them before I could get a picture of the finished product. (I'll take a pic of her friend with them on.)

NKOTB?? you ask? The 80's band that is going on tour!! (New Kids on the Block!!) It's kind of a joke but Megan, her roommate Reed, and Joe really liked them in the 80's.

Now for the 'big' news in my life. When Tim and I got home from D.C. on Sunday, March 30th, our dd Randi and her husband Nick picked us up at the MSP airport. I was surprised that Randi came with, our flight was late getting in and she had said she would be in bed and just Nick would pick us up. At 11:30 at night I'm not thinking suspiciously. When we got to their place to get our car we went in for a minute and when we were about to leave Randi gave us a gift, "What's this for ?" I asked. "Oh, just think of it as a late Easter present!", Randi said. I was a bit confused but in our family when we find just the right gift for some one you just give it to them. So with Tim looking on I opened the package. Well, first I was impressed that I was opening a Pottery Barn box. Then confused about getting......

"Oh!!! A door knocker!?!" I said.

A closer look......

"REALLY???!!!!!" I said.

Yep!!! We're expecting our first grandchild.... we had to keep quiet till today, we had my dad and Tim's parents to our house and Randi, Nick and Megan came home for brunch. We told everyone we were getting together to celebrate Randi's 28th birthday which is this Thursday.
All were surprised since Randi and Nick have just bought their first home, they move in May 1st. So they are at a very busy time in their lives.

It's hard to believe that we have started a new 'phase' of our lives. I have seen many friends become grandparents, it seems surreal that it's us now.

Wasn't I just singing a lullaby and rocking Randi to sleep?

How precious and comforting to have our memories.....

Saturday, April 5, 2008


for Saturday morning coffee with Tim...
for the spring birds chirping....
for a Saturday with nothing on the calendar..
for talks with my girls (but not when they're driving!!!)..
to not need to wear a coat!!!
even for my neckache that reminds me to take care of myself!

What are you grateful for today?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh My Gosh, I've Been Tagged....

Dear Angela from Unity Stamp Company tagged me..... I still feel so new at this blogging that things like this get me all nervous. I need to think of 7 people to tag.... I think I can do it...
So I checked back on a few blogs to see how to do a 'tag' and I guess we need to tell 7 random things about ourselves.

1. I love motor sports, snowmobiling, 4-wheeling, and motorcycling..... something for every season.
2. I can't go hardly anywhere without my knitting. I have so many projects going and I feel like it's a waste of time just sitting, even watching a movie.
3. I would love to sleep past 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning...(any tips?)My so called inner clock seems to think I need to be up EARLY!! I thougt early was 6 or 7am.
4. Green is my favorite color, I think it always has been. I remember in the 60's (hey, remember I'm 50!)my mom had me wear a light pink oxford shirt with a pair of green denim side zip pants. I thought she was crazy but now I realize she was pretty up on fashion back then.
5. I absolutely did not want to be a grandma until about 2 weeks ago. For some reason I feel ready now.
6. I want to get more knowledgeable about politics.
7. I am really loving my life right is good!

There are so many blogs that I love to watch, for ideas and inspiration, I may have to tag some one who doesn't even know me just because I feel they are so special.

Since this is Friday, I am a little low on mind action... Tim and I usually like to unwind on Friday evenings. Out with friends, music or a movie are our likely picks. To night we are going to listen to 'Charlie Roth' at our local VFW. 60 and 70's music with his own twist.

Well I guess I'm going with 4 special people to tag....(the other 3 I know have already been tagged!) I just want you all to know that you really inspire me.....





So tell us 7 things about yourselves....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cherry Blossoms in D.C.

What timing!!! Tim and I were in Washington D.C. at the peak of cherry blossom time! Last Wednesday, our first day in D.C., the blossoms still had hints of pink. Then by Sunday, they were clouds of pure white!! When I was there two years ago, I was a week or two early. The blossoms had just started. So to see the trees at full bloom was a wonderful high light to our trip.

Tim and I were lucky enough to be able to stay with our sister-in-law, Marcie. She lives right in the heart of DC. We took bus, Metro, or foot to get around, what a great time.
We really liked all the walking. So much to see by foot. The trees, blooming bulb flowers, architecture, people, it was all so interesting.
We were able to get a tour of the capital though our state representative Colin Peterson, Sara from his office was our guide, she was so knowledgeable about the facts and history of the capital.

Like every one will tell you, you can
never see every thing in Washington.
It will take at least one more trip out