Saturday, April 26, 2008

pictures.... on the 25th!

What a start to taking pictures on the 25th of each month.....I decided to take the challenge on this blog, Shimelle !!

Angela and Susan had posted about it and since I had seen this type of challenge before I thought 'now' is the time for me to do these are my first pictures..LOL! I had a long day at work and with the interesting Minnesota weather we just had a quiet evening at home. I mostly knitted and watched TV then I decided to play a little Wii. I love my little Wii girl! The daisy's are from our brunch last Sunday, Tim bought them for Randi, they were meant for her to take home, thanks for forgetting them Randi, I'm enjoying having fresh flowers on the table.

The evening lighting didn't work with my
photography skills!

And my Wii skills need a little work too!

Even though we are having a 'blizzard' this
morning, these flowers remind me that it
is actually SPRING!

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Susan said...

We love playing Wii! I think bowling is my favorite from the original games. We have a few other fun ones too. Brea enjoys making Wii characters too ... she always gives them such personality. Beautiful flowers ... so pretty on a winter day - LOL! :)