Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Fun Easter!

If you are 3 years old and there is a decorated cake and presents, wouldn't you think it was your Birthday! Eli insisted we put candles on the cake 'Big Mama' brought and  had us singing 'Happy Birthday to You!'....not once but three times....and the last time he said it was Danny's Birthday too!! So cute!!

'Catch Danny!'
(Eli loves wearing his bike helmet!)
Off to the park.....

'Giddy up horsey!'

Trying everything at the park!

Faster, Eli!!!
[Did I say Eli love's wearing his bike helmet?]


Ridin' with Papa!
"Remember when we use to do this all the time......"

'One sleepy little Easter Pugbunny!'
[This was Randi's 7 month old Ruby's
 first time at our house,
 I think she got quite worn out!]