Friday, August 13, 2010


After the beautiful scenery in Canada we headed to Glacier National Park in Montana! Banff was breath taking but Glacier is our favorite!

Lori caught this doe right on the side of the road....Tim and I were in the lead and totally missed her.(we could have reached out and touched her but with all there is to look at we were looking the other way)
Going to the Sun Highway!
By motorcycle.... the best way to see it!

As I took this pic of Lori and Jeff by the Weeping Wall (which was bawling this year)....

....Lori was taking this pic of Tim and I!

Loved the wild flowers!
Indian Paint Brush

Logan's Pass Wildlife!
Who minds a little road construction when you have views like this.........

Nature's Picture Frame!

Leaving Glacier.....the last views of the mountains!

End of the day.....end of the trip.....
just a few miles to go!!

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