Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Every other Wednesday I work at Uniquely Knit, a yarn store
in NewLondon. It is dangerous for me, so many great yarns, I want to try so many of them but my hands just don't knit fast enough. I keep telling myself, 'use up what you have.' But
then I see a beautiful fiber combination or color and 'I just
have to have it!' I have so many so many things I want to
make, there is no way I could ever give up knitting.

This hat pattern is called 'Republic' by Nicloe Reeves. Knit in a chunky yarn(I used Lamb's Pride Bluky) it goes pretty fast.
I'm ready to make my next one.

These are called Sula Slippers from Rowan Felted Collection. I substituted two strands of Galway for the Rowan Big Wool. We'll see how it is felting. Then I plan to do some stamping on them. I'm also going to find some
leather to attach to the sole.

The soles are only one layer,not two like the felted clog slippers and they would wear through very quickly.

The black doesn't show up very well, click on the pics to get
a closer look.


Nancy said...

I found your comment on my blog. I thought you had sent me a message on Ravelry. That is why I got mixed up.. I will have to start checking my blog now. Nobody ever comments on my blog. I love that hat, btw. Very cool.

Unity Stamp Company said...

Karen...I wish I had 1/4 of your knitting talent. A scarf...that is where it stops and I don't know if now I could even manage that! Love following your blog! Have a happy weekend!