Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday At Melvin's

The weather it was getting rough{okay, just a little
So we went out on a double decker boat, for a two
hour cruise...
courtesy of Mr. Dooley!

It's a pontoon party!!! {Beach?}

Since I always have the camera there are pictures of my dear friend Mary and my DH, Tim! And Mary's DH in the back ground! {I think that phone IS attached!}

Oh, there I am! With two dear friends, Brooke and

And here I am again, with another dear friend, Susan!
{Note to self: something about flat hair!}

I had a busy week at work so relaxing, listening to an outdoor band and 'people watching' at Melvin's on the Lake in Spicer, MN was just what I needed.


Brooke said...

good times on the lake!!! i love living in spicer where its always nicer!!!!! :)

Susan said...

LOVE the pictures, and thanks for sending them to me too! :) It was such a fun night!