Sunday, May 4, 2008


Tim and I went to the Cities to help Randi and Nick with the last
of their moving. All they had left wast the big furniture.
Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day after a very rainy Friday. With a crew of about 5 guys they had the truck loaded
and ready to go in about 15 to 20 minutes. R and N
had already moved all the small stuff, I think there
were only about 5 or 6 medium boxes with the furniture.
They were so organized. I think their excitement kept
them going with packing and moving.

No one wanted their picture taken, esp. I just
got a few shots of the movers and the new house....

It's official.....

their new home on Garden Ave.
front living room....

kitchen.... kitchen from family room...
family room....

Nick in his garage!!!!!!
(note the 'new' grill)
back of house(family room)
and garage!!
Tim and I stayed around and helped out with a few things, while we were outside a neighbor (and her two little girls) came by and introduced herself, and Randi said that a couple more came over to introduce themselves today. She happened to know one of them from two doors down. Small world. There are a lot of young families on Garden Ave. We are so excited and happy for them, I think they ended up on the perfect street for their first home.
When we were getting ready to leave we noticed that with all the big trees in their yard the rain gutters needed cleaning and told Nick to be careful around the power wires, he said not to worry, "I love my life!!"

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Susan said...

The house is so cute and quaint ... perfect for starting their new family!