Thursday, June 25, 2009

Exciting Things at Unity!

First I have to share a picture of this 'sweetie pie'!
Lots of drooling going on (hence the bib),
Eli got his first tooth last week!
....driving in my car....listening to the radio.....
Taking a stroll with Auntie Megan!

Now, about Unity!
I ran into these three, last night, at a
favorite summertime spot on Green Lake!
(I wish I could bottle their energy and enthusiasm!)
There is exciting things happening at Unity!
Something monthly....maybe that was two new things!
Or three??? Definitely something for scrapbookers!!!
Keep an eye out....
Unity keeps creating so we can create!!


Christi Snow said...

Look at how big he is getting...what a cutie!!!

Unity is ROCKING! So fun to see that gorgeous photo of all of you together having fun! smiles...

Tenia Nelson said...

Cute, cute, cute.....the page and the little one!!! tfs!!

BloomingPink said...

What a cutie...I love that car!

And whatever is going on at Unity is sure to be fun....even if I don't scrapbook often, I'd probably definitely sign up! LOL.