Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Their Third Time Around!!

I have noticed that the current styles in clothes and shoes are looking very familiar. The junior department in our local Herberger's store reminds me of my closet in the early to mid seventies!! (hehe) Well, these Candie's shoes aren't quite that old. They are from about 1982. I wore them a lot, then they ended up in the dress-up clothes for my kids. I had noticed that there are a lot of peep-toe shoes in the stores and mentioned these shoes to my dd Megan. She didn't remember them but agreed that they are a great style and said she would probably wear them this fall! I thought they would fit Megan since she has slightly smaller feet than me. (Mine got about a size bigger after kids). I wish they fit me, I still love the style!

I have heard that styles come around about every 2o-25 years!!
These are pretty much right on time!!

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