Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall in Minnesota!

Friday morning Tim and I headed to Marshall to celebrate the life of Fred Braakman. Fred passed away this past week at the age of 88 and his funeral was Friday morning. Fred's wife Vi asked Tim to be a pallbearer. They are good family friends and their son Barry, was a good friend of Tim's. (he was in our wedding 30 years ago) It's been 19 years since Barry was killed in a snowmobile accident. So hard to believe.....
On our way to Marshall be stopped in Green Valley at Tim's parents house.....when we pulled up their driveway was covered in green leaves....a tree had dropped it's leaves and with no wind they covered the ground like carpet!

Great fall photo op!! ;)

Today we are staying in!!

"cause we woke to this....!"


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Susan Westberg said...

Wasn't it crazy going home last night? The flakes were really coming down! I want summer!! :)