Monday, October 19, 2009

A Perfect Mix.....Sunshine and Family!

Another beautiful fall day in Minnesota....finally! HA
We were so glad we could spend it with Randi, Nick and Eli!
(We just need to get Auntie Megan to join us!)
Their plans were to go to HAPP-E-HILL at Nesbitts Nursery by Prescott, Wisconsin! (About 45 minutes from their home!)

Nick's sister Kelly and her husband Derek had a surprise for them....

...they hired this photographer to take pictures of the three of them!

We went on a wagon ride into the orchard....

....where they picked out Eli's first pumpkin....29 weighed more than Eli!
And they had lots of pictures taken there...and other spots at the nursery!
Eli was a perfect subject!

Afterwards we checked out the 'petting zoo', had some cider and a bite to eat!
Also had a piece of fresh made apple pie with a scoop of Izzy's ice cream! Mmmmm...

(And I always have to check out the metal art! Might be something I could get my dad to make!)

Hope all of you had a sun shiny Sunday!!
Enjoy your week!

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Eryn Hagen said...

Super cute pics Karen! Looks like a FUN day was had!! :)