Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Busy Boy!

It was hard to catch good pictures of Eli while he stayed with us. He was always on the time to smile for the camera.

Running with the kitchen towel......
Checking out my step stool......
even opening bedroom and bathroom doors!

(I found the t-shirt while in Arizona! snort)

Since Eli was so busy exploring our house there wasn't a need for too many toys to be out. I did get out the 'tee pee tent'! It has been around since Eli's mommy was a toddler. Eli didn't want any thing to do with going inside of it at first. But after Nana sat in it he warmed up to the idea of getting in it himself!

It was hard to see Eli go home last night.......but I think I need a day of rest before I start another work week!!

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