Monday, March 3, 2008

Cracked me up......

This 'flamingo' is a new addition to the LYS that I work part time at. He's felted out of Galway wool. He is just hillarious. We all need something out of the ordinary sitting around our house!???

This pile is what I'm working on now!! Want to start 'Mr. Greenjeans' but I won't allow myself to until the Alpaca Sox are done. (the brown on the left). The aqua(Galway)will be a felted eyeglass case, that one is my 'mindless' knitting that I can throw in my purse and work on any where. Then the brown on the right is Berroco Comfort that will be a afgahn square for a baby blanket I'm making for my neice who is having a
boy in about May.

Now off to work at the EC. Have a wonderful day!!

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Susan said...

That flamingo is hilarious. I love seeing quirky things like that, just in random places. :)