Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Birthday Weekend.....

So back to Friday night. After we went out to eat with friends
we came back home to play Wii, while the guys played
and the girls napped, I opened cards! It took a long time.
The picture is a little dark but you can see the piles
of cards as my friend Mary, her husband Aaron
and my husband Tim read them.
Mary said, 'it's not over yet.'
I think she was having a little too much fun.

On Saturday morning Tim and I went to the cities with our daughter Megan. We stayed with d#1 and her husband, Nick. The guys were going to hang out and the girls and I were going 'yarn shop hopping'. The first shop in St.Paul, Borealis, was my favorite. Found the knitting needle cases above there, Megan picked the small on and Randi the large one. After a few more yarn shops we spent a little time on Grand Avenue in St.Paul. Found a few 'goodies' there too.

After shopping we met up with the
guys at Randi and Nick's place to go out
to eat. They wanted to surprise me as to
where we were going so they actually
blind folded me. We ended up at the
'Machine Shed' in Woodbury. Good
old fashioned 'farm' food.
Even though our SIL grew up in St.Paul
he enjoys a lot about 'country' life.
After that we went to Nick's parents
house, also in Woodbury, for
game night and cake.
With the time change we decided to
make it an early night. The next
morning after breakfast Tim and
I headed out, made a few stops in the
cities and then headed home........... this in our yard!!![Thanks to a dear sister!!;)]

I then walked in the door to this basket full of gifts on our steps. I didn't count them but I'm sure there are 50!!!! I just finished opening them this morning.....

And with the gifts on the steps was our mail, and 53 more cards......below is all the packages and cards that I have received in the last week and a half. (I have heard there may be more today.) I would like to thank every one who sent me a birthday card, it was fun to see the post marks and to try to figure out who sent some of them!!! THANK YOU!!! (If anyone needs info on retirement villages/assisted living facilities just let me know, I know where to go in central Minnesota.) To my friend in Alexandria, you have too much time on your hands..... and to my dear friend from the 'dump', thanks for making my B-day special! Thank you to our girls for spending time with just me....we need more time like that....priority in our busy lives. I hope this is it, but I am still suspicious.....

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