Monday, June 30, 2008

Colorado Rocky Mountain High!!

We always have enjoyed traveling to Colorado.....this one turn out to be a very relaxing one.

Every day was very laid back... no time lines to keep, coffee on the deck in the morning looking at amazing mountains then off for a ride!!! (and shopping) Our hosts, Clint and Lynnette made us feel very welcome in their Colorado cabin, '6-ta Heaven'! It was heaven. Great location just west of Loveland.

Lynnette and Clint

Our first morning in the mountains we decided to hike up Palisade Mountain, four of us were up for the challenge. With walking sticks in hand we took off. It was a little tough for us flatlander's. Thin high altitude air can give you quite a workout.

With an easy pace and a few breaks.........

we made it to the top....what a view!!

I'm ready for that hike again!!!

This is Palisade Mountain, we walked up Clint and Lynnette's back
yard. Note the light speck at the middle bottom of this picture, that is
their cabana that Tim and I slept in on their deck. And the high point of
the mountain is where we climbed. Rocky side on the way up, tree side on
the way down..... what a thrill!!

The Baker's, us and the Sixta's in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Cabin.

The cabana.

After 7 days with Clint and Lynnette, Tim and I headed for Fort Collins for a McLaughlin family reunion. (this is Tim's parents, siblings, nieces and nephews(minus 3).

Friday night's gathering centered around the evening meal, a crawdad boil.... a first for many of us. These little urchins flew in last Wednesday(Yes, they are alive! They were a little cold so they
didn't move much.)

A little seasoning, sweetcorn, sausage, chicken and potatoes.....

.........oh, and don't forget the little crawdads themselves....

It did make for a tasty meal, just had to be prepared for a little brow sweat.

There were around 75 McLaughlin's at the KOA in Fort Collins. The two days mainly consisted of a lot of reminiscing. Four of the brothers of the original 13 children of Alfred and Vetleen were telling stories and answering questions about growing up in southwest North Dakota. It's really a testament to the bond of this family when you can get many of the 75 to come hundreds of miles for a quick reunion. This all happens every two years....and we all look forward to the next.


Randi & Nick said...

Why is Dad wearing black socks with his shorts?

Karen said...

Cuz' we didn't know we were going hiking! Doesn't he look cute!!

Susan said...

Great photos Karen! The views are spectacular. Hard to leave, I'm sure. :)

Brooke said...

wow! this looks like an AMAZING trip! good for you guys. you are some of the MOST FUN PEEPS EVAH!!!