Monday, June 9, 2008

Hospital Art

Last Tuesday I spent the day at Fairview Riverside Hospital (Minneapolis) in the surgery waiting room. My dad was having surgery, complete hip AND knee in his left leg. Eighth or ninth surgery on that leg, long story. Three of my sisters and I pretty much hung out for the day. We always joke that we are the first family there and the last to leave. Every thing went well, we hope to have him in Willmar by this Tuesday for recovery.

While in the waiting room I knit the day away, and noticed the art work on the walls. And got an idea, it would look great for a sb page.

This is my interpretation......

The paper is K&Company, I used some old(and I mean old) acrylic craft paint I have and sort of dry brushed it on. Then stamped with Unity Stamps, the Fleur De Leur from the All About Me set, Swirl 2 from Vintage Swirls, and the Royal Day background stamp.

I'll post the finished LO when I figure out what pic(s) I will use on it.


Brooke said...

looks pretty so far, karen! can't wait to see how you finish it up! hope your dad recovers quickly!

Karen said...

thanks Brooke!! I'm looking forward to doing more scrapbooking! My dad sould be coming to Willmar tomorrow to recover at Bethesda Heritage. As long as he behaves himself his recovery should go well.