Sunday, June 15, 2008

What did you do with your 'stimulus' check?

I decided to get new carpet for our bedroom with mine!!
It was getting 'old'! As we were tearing it out dh said, 'this
is in good shape!' I was thinking 'ewwwwe'!

So, last weekend we moved all the bedroom furniture into the kitchen, I didn't want it in the living room, (we have wood floors
in there and didn't want to scratch/dent them.)

Then we tore out the old carpet and took it to the landfill.

Next was a trip to Home Depot for paint.....I let dh pick it out,
he picked Gulf for me!!

So I got every thing cleaned and painted on Sunday and
the new carpet was laid on Monday morning....and we had all
the furniture back in the room by evening.

During the week, as I found time, I have been hanging things
and I finally settled on a light fixture, a chandlette! Dh wasn't
real impressed, I just told him I knew what I was doing and
it'll look great. I also put the 'Upper Case Living' words, For
Ever & Ever above our bed! Again dh didn't get it. He had a
puzzled look on his face, I said, 'Us, for ever and ever!' I think
I heard him mumble something like 'maybe not'!?! LOL Men.

I can't believe how nice it is to have every thing fresh
and new... Should have done this sooner.

Now I only need to get a new throw pillow and


Susan said...

Love the For Ever & Ever! And the color is awesome too. Good pick Tim! :)

Brooke said...

this turned out GREAT. wow! that chandelette is wonderful! gotta love upper case living.. i want to buy some.. but i'm always like.. oh i could do that myself.. LOL.. probably NOT!