Thursday, April 2, 2009


What perfect paper for this challenge and
for this weeks Unity Hip Hop theme!!
Baby, Oh Baby!!
I found it in my stash!! It's from Stemma,
Masterpiece Studios from Mankato, MN!!
And it's called 'Oh, Baby'!!
I'm so glad this weeks theme is 'BABY'!!
I love getting more ideas for Eli's album!!
Well, off to work.....have a wonderful day!!


BloomingPink said...

Hey I saw won! Congratulations....

Mostly congrats on being a grandma! I can tell you're proud, you are covering your blog with news about em'.

The Sundsmo Family said...

LOVE THAT! Man, he has grown so fast? I thought you weren't going to do his scrapbook for a while... I think it is official... you are a true Grandma! Next thing we know you will be rockin' the bun!