Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yard work and a 70th Birthday!

Yesterday, dh and I went to my dad's farm to do yard work and clean out the dead stuff in the grove!! (A full day of hard work...I'm feeling it today.) Two of my sisters and their families came too! (I'll have pictures of the work and burn later.) We also had a birthday party to go to for a dear aunt.
A family picture(and this isn't everyone)!
(I can remember going to this aunt and uncles wedding and I'm pretty sure red was their color!)

At any birthday party you need cake(s)! When planning their mom's party, my cousins decided to each make her a cake in memory of all the special cakes she had made for them. I think there was a little contest going too!

What a variety.....even a couple of 'dirt desserts'!
(Those are 'gummy' worms laying on top.)

This cousin traced her kids hands and curled the fingers to make these flowers!! What a neat, fun idea for a kids party!

My sisters and I thought this one should win! Phil made this(his wife said 'all by himself')! It was a two layer(note the little round one with the pillars which was on top of the front cake)! It looked like a quilt!

Had to take a couple of quick pictures with the aunts(and a cousin) before we left!

It really was fun to see everyone.....
too much time passes between visits!

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Susan said...

I absolutely {love} the idea of the cakes! How sweet. ;)