Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crafty Weekend!!

Yesterday I stopped by Unity on my way to help at a
knitting retreat! I picked up the Numbers, Etc that
I won for a Hip Hop challenge on Thursday! And I was
hoping to pick up my order for Lisa Hetrick's new
Yep, they were ready.....maybe I'll be able to try them
out between projects!! ;)
While visiting Unity I got my first cycle ride of the year!!
Haha! I'm use to a Harley Davidson Road King.....
this little 50cc........hmmmmm....well, it was fun!
Buzzing around New London on salty/sandy roads
was a little nerve racking! (Thanks for the safe ride Gus!)
Never seems to be a dull moment at Unity!
Then today I went back to the knitting retreat to
help with a few classes.....these little Easter bunnies
were last nights and ca-ute!!
These ladies were so fun...laughter and joking
constantly!! So many interesting yarns and patterns!

It's hard to decide what to work on next!!

Now tonight T and I are going to go relax and hang with friends and maybe do a little dancing at a Fireman's dance.......

Have a great evening!


Omar said...

Who is that hot guy that gave you a ride on his sexy scooter....

The Sundsmo Family said...

Is Gus your boyfriend?