Sunday, March 29, 2009


I so enjoy my conversations with my friend Nancy! Some times we get a little spiritual and philosophical....and I find we really have the same core beliefs! I happened to have seen her the last two nights and we were talking 'quotes'!! Kind of a quote weekend! She shared these two short one's!!
Humility is not thinking of oneself....
It is thinking of oneself....less!
I preach the Gospel always.....
...and when necessary,
I use words!
-St. Francis

Yeah, this is Nanc and I trying to look tough!! lol
It was taken a few years ago at the 'Woodtick Run'!
(A motorcycle ride up north!)
Note to self: get new pic with Nanc!!
Have a great Sunday!!!

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Scrappy said...

you guys are so cute...I mean tough! lol