Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Not much has been on my ottoman lately!
Kind of took a break from knitting....till now!
This orange 'Cotton Fleece' yarn is now
a hat and mitts for Eli! That little bald head
needs a little cover this spring!
Oh, and looks like a little business bookwork!! :(

I picked the yarn up at The Yarnery on Grand Ave.
in St. Paul!! Tim and I did a little shopping
and lunch out with Randi and Eli on Saturday!!
It was perfect weather to be shopping on Grand.
While Randi and I ran into Baby on Grand ,
Tim and Eli hung out in the car!!
I think we came back to soon for them!! hehe

Here's the finished hat and mitts!! Ready to send!

With the cool weather we have this week, Eli will need them!

1 comment:

BloomingPink said...

Oh, those are SO CUTE.

Now to go with the blue hat photo, you'll need an orange one!