Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is the cover of my friend Julie's new book!
It is due to come out in a little over a week.
Her first book, 'The Color Red', came out a couple of
years ago. A few months ago Julie ask me if I
would be interested in taking a few pictures
of her and Michael for the book. She had a
dead line to meet and also wanted winter
pictures and the snow was melting fast.
So one day we got together after Michael got
home from school and headed down their backyard
for a photo shoot. Julie just sent these
pictures today.......I thought she would only
be using a couple of the pictures I had taken.
I was so surprised to see my photos on the
front, back and insides. By no means am I a
professional photographer! I just like taking
pictures! I got teary eyed when I saw this jacket...
I had a great time that day....and to be able
to help Julie tell her story with these pictures,
I am honored and pleased!

You can find more about Julie's books HERE!

Check out Ali J.!

I hosted a scarf party at a local coffee shop Tuesday evening! Had a fun time and scored some great summer scarves!!

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Christi Snow said...

Karen, that's huge!! Congratulations, girly and I can see why she asked you...the photos are gorgeous!

yummm, look at all those luscious many pretty colors! smiles...