Sunday, March 22, 2009


Eli has changed so much in 2 weeks!
At not quiet 4 months he is understanding
so much and can hold and reach for toys, books, hair
condiments on the restaurant table(and then drop them!lol)!!
......hey, I'm the gma....aren't we suppose to brag!! ;)
And just look at those eyes!!

Eli and his parents were heading to a
Minnesota Wild Hockey game! Eli's first
pro game!! So he got all decked out!
He was even practicing his screams(cheers)!!


I just checked.....
the Wild won over the Edmonton Oilers 3-0!


Christi Snow said...

Look at what a cutie he is and he is already getting so big!! :o) smiles...

Megan Dawn said...

He's so darn Smiley!!

I asked Randi last night who won the game...she said she didn't know. Wasn't she there?? I guess she wasn't paying attention.

Amy said...

Adorable!! look at those cute little cheeks!!

Martha said...

so so cute!

Cindy Van Sluys said...

What a little cutie patootie!! I am sure you aren't just a little proud, are you?