Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This was 'us'!
May 1978
Then, this was 'us'!
May 26th, 1979
I said 'I do'! (and so did he!)
With family and friends!

We have always found joy! (winter '79)

Especially with these two! (1984)

And no matter where we go.....

...we have fun....
....and adventure....

....and lots of laughs!
....thirty years.....
...let's do it again!


Susan said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!! Here's to many more! Adore you both. :)

ruthgauquie said...

Hi, I didn't realize it was 30 years!!! We should have celebrated it more yesterday!!!
Where has the time gone?!?
Wishing you many more years of fun!
Love, Ruth

Nick said...

Congratulations guys!

The Sundsmo Family said...

Here's to another 30!

Love you!

Randi, Nick & Eli

BloomingPink said...

I am so glad I scanned down to see what I missed this week!

I totally love this post! So many memories! (and definitely a 70's wedding!) It reminded me so much of what I remember in the 70's as a kid...and looking back at my own photos and my husbands)

Yes, you should have 30 more!