Thursday, May 28, 2009

Forgotten Treasures!

I solicited some decorating advice
(and got some unsolicited from the dd's)
on color for walls and furniture arrangements and
was told this (dusty) cabinet should go....
I knew it but just needed to be told!
It sat in the corner of our kitchen for years...... contained all these treasures!
My dad's sailboat and blue 'top'! A small leather coin purse I got in the Black Hills as a child. Two wind up toys from my dh's grandmother. Many Boyd's Bearstones. My dad's 'pee' pot! (ha) My first teddy bear(far left, black and white panda).

An old Coke bottle, our oldest dd's wooden rattle, 'jack's', my horse head stapler from the early 70's, my 'flutophone'(trademark name, omg, they still make them) from 4th grade, antique figurines from my gma. And various other 'treasures'!

Now to find a home for everything....


The Sundsmo Family said...

Megan must have gotten after you... Good work mom!

Nick said...

You had that much stuff in that little cabinet?

Mrs. Olson said...

i agreee with Nick, how did you get all that in there? lol
I have the same cabinet from you all, but haven't displayed anything it for years because of kids. The boys hide stuff in mine. Someday the colletibles will come out again.