Sunday, May 31, 2009

Julies' Book Signing!

Julie had her first book signing for her new book,
'Autism is a Four Letter Word- Love', yesterday!
It was exciting to see the connections she made
with mother's and grandmother's of Autistic children.
Getting and sharing information really enriches the
relationships and lives of everyone involved with
autism or any physical or mental health issues.
It was a great turnout and afterward Julie had
many of us out to her home for a bonfire and food!!

Memorial weekend, when we celebrated our 30th anniversary, I kept forgetting to get a picture of Tim and I! So yesterday while I was snapping over a hundred pics for Julie, I handed off my camera.....not bad for 30 years together! ;)

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BloomingPink said...

Happy BELATED anniversary. Wow. 30 Years...what an accomplishment.

That's a nice picture. All smiles! (and I don't see any worry wrinkles, which means that it must have been a relatively trouble free 30)

Something I will strive to achieve before my body gives up!