Monday, May 18, 2009


I hope your Monday morning is as sunny and beautiful as mine!!
So what's with the mixers you ask?!!!
Well, the little gold and white one on the right was given
to me by my dear Aunt Dory! Thirty years ago for my
bridal shower! I was also given a stand mixer, but I always
used this little one! It still works but isn't as strong as it
should be....and I had mentioned to my girls some time ago
that I would like a new for Mother's Day I got a
new Kitchen Aid!! I feel sad about giving up my very first
and favorite mixer but it's going to a good home...sister
Julie is going to take it to her lake cabin!! So I don't feel
so bad! Haven't tried out the new one yet but I know
I will love it! Thanks T, R, N, E and M!
Creativity wise I was able to conger up another LO
this weekend in between activities! And finally got to
use my new Unity Stamps kit, 'Confessions'!
We do love this little bald head.....
trying to imagine Eli with hair!!

Have a joyful day!!


Megan said...

Dad said that you need to start whippin him up some treats now that you have a new mixer. No excuses!

Love ya!!

The Sundsmo Family said...

Eli wants some treats too!