Monday, December 8, 2008

As I think about what lies ahead of me this week I feel over whelmed!Decorating for Christmas, work, laundry, etc, etc.

Then I noticed my "Easter" cactus! I have called this Christmas cactus that for years because it always bloomed at Easter.

(My aunt gave it to me about 20 years ago....she has the original plant which came from my great-grandmother. Note the 'bark' in the center of the plant.)

Any way..... it has blossoms on it now!! It really will be a Christmas cactus this year!!

And this is all it took to make me feel calm about this week! Simple pleasures!!

(I'll post a picture when it is in full bloom!! )

We went to Randi and Nick's for the weekend. Just to hang out with Eli and help where we could. Those little one's grow and change so fast. Living two hours away is a little hard but we'll just make great memories with the time we do spend together.

The pictures of Eli just don't seem to show how little he is. But if you notice the size of his pacifier( which is the small size) you can see how small his face is. He has big hands though!! (gets 'em from his dad)

(Eli is bundled in his Gpa Tim's blanket!)

Sweet dreams, Eli!

Precious baby feet!

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