Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eat, Sleep, P@#p, repeat!!

....that's how we describe our time with Eli!! And we don't mind. It seems we can see him grow right before our eyes and we don't want to miss a moment. Hopefully we'll continue to see him every few weeks this first year. Plans are they will come to our home in two weeks and we'll have a Sip n' See for family and friends.

It's been a long time since we have taken a girls self picture.We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas!!

And finally a Gma and Gpa picture!!

Last night we had some family over to celebrate the Holidays and Tim's Birthday! Tim's brother Denny came over with his kids Claire(and her two Hailey and Jacob) and Ian. (Claire's DH, Kyle was working.) Randi and Megan are more like sisters to Claire and Ian than cousins. I was using the timer on my camera not knowing the 'fun' the big kids were having until I would check the pictures!! LOL It took three tries to get a normal or nice picture!! I thought 'what the heck' put the first one in my blog!! In the second one they are sticking their tongues out! It looks like Hailey(2yo) is holding a doll, it's Eli(4 weeks)! Denny is holding Jacob who is almost 6 months. We use to spend most Christmas Eves together when the kids were growing up so to be able to celebrate for a few hours was wonderful!


Shanna said...

Looks like fun. Love the new design.

Susan said...

How fun! I love the title of the post ... so true of little babies! The picture of you and the girls is beautiful ... then again, look at who is in it! :)

Timm & Allison Peterson said...

Karen! I haven't seen or talked to you for so long... CONGRATULATIONS on being grandma!!!!! He is absolutely beautiful! What a blessing!! How are you? I hope that you and Timm are well!! Take care - would love to see you and catch up sometime... I know life gets busy!