Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Joy!!

Have you been shopping lately?? We have cut way back on our gift giving! And we have been enjoying the season so much more. I had to stop at the 'mall' to pick up a contact yesterday and I don't think I could have done any more than that! The halls were packed and I didn't want to see what the stores were like! And I haven't gotten any of the 4-6 gifts I need to buy yet!

I've gotten through 3 nights of 'Santa Semi' and my body is feeling it! (Too much dancing for this gma!!) But bring joy to the communities we go to gets me in the 'Holiday spirit! It's to bad we couldn't incorporate the real 'reason for the season' into the 'Holiday Express'! But it's the commercial stuff that gets the people out!

Sponge Bob and the 'new' Snowman were quite the hits this year!

All the old characters did good too!Not sure if we'll be going out today for our last night! Sounds like
we have a lot of white stuff coming along with 35 mph winds! Not
good for riding on the back of a semi even in a bear suit!


Susan said...

Love your new background ... that site is awesome!

I'm thinking the Santa Semi would be pusing it to go out in this weather. Scott, the wannabee meterologist (LOL!), is checking the weather all the time. He's saying this is just the start ... up to 9 inches by tonight. Hello Snowstorm!! :)

Karen said...

Yep! The Semi was cancelled for today!! No amount of 'fake' bear fur could keep me warm in this!!! Just hunkering down at home!!! WARM!!