Friday, December 26, 2008

Just a quick post as we wait for our prime rib dinner. Seems my family was going different ways for Christmas this year. My dad spent Christmas eve with Tim, Megan and I. And Randi and Nick spent Christmas Eve and Day with Nick's families. So Christmas morning Tim went to his parents to surprise them(they only live an hour away.) My dad, Megan and I went to one of my sisters who lives only about 4 miles for us. And as traditions go we posed for family pictures in front of a tree(my sister has 3 I think)! There is usually 4 or 5 of us but just Megan and me this year. After all the excitement there we met Tim at home and loaded up and headed to the Cities to Randi and Nick's to see Eli on his first Christmas! Happy First Christmas, Eli!!

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