Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving Day 2008!Minutes after being born!! 11.29.08
December. 1. 2008

Eli! 42 hrs. old! (already taking to the Nuk)

The Sundsmo Family

Lucky me! I got to spend the day with
Randi, Nick and Eli. They are amazing
parents already. They have made sure
that the grandparents get lots of bonding
time with Eli!! (Thanks you 2!)
I'll be going home tomorrow but first Eli will
meet his Great-Grandpa Donnie! My sister
Ruth will bring dad up to the cities (it's for
a doctors appt), we'll swing by United Hospital
in St.Paul, to see Eli before going to dad's appt.
Who can get too much of babies???
Then tomorrow afternoon Randi and Eli will
get to go home!! We hope they get caught up
on their rest(hospitals aren't necessarily the best
place to get sleep, esp. with a new baby!).

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Shanna said...

So exciting!!! Congratulations, everyone!!