Sunday, November 30, 2008

First time, precious time!!
Hello baby Eli!!

A grandpa's pride!

The new Auntie!!

We spent the day at the hospital, each taking our turn to hold Eli!!
Randi, Eli and Nick are all doing well! Mommy and Daddy are a little tired.
(Grandma and Grandpa too!! {smiles})
Randi and Nick didn't really get to bed till 5:00 this morning.
They plan to take advantage of the nursery tonight. Hopefully lights out at 9PM they said!!??
They will only bring Eli when he needs to nurse. Which is also going very well.
Nick has changed all Eli's diapers, the big guy is getting good at it!
One of the nurses joked that they could use him in the nursery!!
Sounds like Randi will be in the hospital till Tuesday evening/Wednesday morn.
They are awesome parents. They were so ready for the roles!!
The memories have just begun!!

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marcie said...

What a joy! Looking forward to visiting with you - call me when you have a break in the action with that new baby Eli!

Love, Marcie