Sunday, November 16, 2008

Top of my list of things to get done today was to 'dig out'
any receiving blankets I could find for Randi.
They would be at least 25 years old.
Since that is how old my baby is.
But what would be better to wrap our grandchild
in than 50 year old receiving blankets.
My MIL gave me a few of Tim's baby things
many years ago.
(The top 2 blankets were my DD's and the bottom
3 plus the heavier one they are sitting on were DH's.)

I also had this little yellow wool hat of Tim's!
How about a vintage 1957 snowsuit?
(Note how they had the tie at the top of the head.)

I'll have to check with my MIL, but it looked like the
snowsuit was homemade.

And here are a couple of rompers!

How about this, Randi!!
It's a squirrel!!!!!

I have everything washed and ready to go!
(Not the clothes!!!! Just the blankets and little hat!)

Eli's ETA is Thanksgiving Day!! Randi's ready, heck we're all ready!!!

So......we wait!!!!

Almost for got about this white crocheted baby blanket!

My Grandma Irma (Randi called her 'big ga-ma'!) made it

when Randi was born! She made one for each of her grandchildren

when they had their first baby. It was meant to use for their baptisms.

The blue and white wool blanket was Tim's.

I love being able to pass on keepsakes with their stories.

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