Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, I'm still knitting away for the baby!
Just finished Eli's Christmas stocking yesterday!
(used some 'vintage' yarn I inherited from some
relative or friend). And I also finished
a little cadet cap today. (picture later)
I'm really pleased how the stocking turned out!
Randi picked out the color and wanted it done
in cables. So I looked at dimensions of stockings
and came up with the pattern myself. Good
thing I wrote down the pattern, Randi wants
three more just the same.
And since Eli is taking his time getting here
plans were made to have some medical intervention.
Randi went in this afternoon,
we just left her and Nick. Things are going well.
Actual labor is expected to start in the morning.
we wait some more!!

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Susan said...

I'm sure you're sitting there on pins and needles waiting to hear something! The stocking is adorable!! I just love it.