Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finally Up and Running!

We were having a little wireless/router issues since Saturday! Had the Charter boys here and they gave us more speed and locked our wireless. (Now I'm not friendly any more!) So, now I can share what we did this past weekend!
Friday night, (Halloween of course!)we decided to go out in Spicer with friends!
Costumes required!!

This is how Tim greeted our Trick or Treater's while I was getting ready!
Note he already has his Frank bolts on his neck!
While Tim was getting ready I greeted the Trick or Treater's
as Francine! Frank's bride! A little pirate(Savanna) stopped by
with her Grandma Joy!
After greeting about 140 Trick or Treater's, (yes, 140!!, our
neighborhood always gets a ton of the little ghosts and
goblin's!! And some aren't so little!!), Tim and I headed to Spicer,
as Frank and Francine for our own Halloween fun! Here are four of my beautiful friends!!
Sweet Angel Brooke, Sassy Mermaid Susan, Sexy Snow White Angela and Diva Bat Eryn!
Grant and Cari!
Best lookin' pirates I have ever seen!
Here we are hangin' with our Ghostly friends and Waylon and Willie!
It was a fun night! Lots of interesting costumes(and people)!!

Saturday was a day to get jobs done at home. Seems we are always on the go and to
have a day at home is very needed. Oh, I guess we did get out again Saturday evening!
Tim and I went to the movie, Saw Five!!! We have seen all of the 'Saw' movies and when
I saw that Saw Five was here I just had to see it! It was just as intriguing as the first four!
AND by how the movie ended, there will be a Saw Six!! I'll be watching next year!!

Then on Sunday Tim and I headed down to my dad's farm to help
get things ready for winter. My sister Julie and her family came too!
Before we got too busy I wanted to get
a picture of dad with his new buddies!! Waldo and Rusty.
We laughed when dad said he named the older cat Waldo!! Didn't seem
like a name my dad would choose. He said he had watched a TV show
and an older character who he got a kick out of was named Waldo.
One job was for the guys to get dads restored John Deere started.
No key on this old thing, you spin something on the side!!!?
And to hook up the snow- blower (that dad built in 1969 when
we had a blizzard that lasted 3-4 days and snow was to the top
of the Quonset.) Still works good!
We also had to stack wood. My nephew Ken moved the wagon with
all the wood closer so we could stack it behind my dads shop.
Here my sister Julie and her son John stack a few more logs!
It was such a gorgeous day!! John took a few minutes(after the
work was done) to practice his aim!
Ken loves everything with motors. He had his own 4-wheeler along
but took time to ride Grandpa's 3-wheeler!
After the gutters were cleaned, leaves raked, sticks picked up,
lawn mowed, ashes hauled out,wood stacked, tractors moved,
old pick-up run down to the neighbor to get some tin, (and then
let Ken drive a couple miles to get the fluids moving in the old thing) and a
hair cut for Ken, it was time to grill out and relax.
I love days on the farm with family like this.

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