Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I finally got hold of Angela's slippers! I have been wanting to 'fix' them up
ever since I saw this picture of her wearing them at a bonfire!! (tisk-tisk)
I gave them to her last January(check out her post here!) after she
shared a few of the NEW Unity stamps to try out!
The bottoms were intact but they need 'restamping'!
I've learned to put lots of paint on the stamp and lot
of pressure when stamping on the felted slipper.
And to make them outdoor friendly I added leather to the bottoms!
The leather will keep the bottoms from wearing out
and they are still soft and flexible on the foot.

And the 'restamping'!!

Now to get them back to Angela and get her feet warmed up!


Tami said...

how cool are these?

Tink said...

Love em!! Great job!!

Angela said...

I heart these slippers. THANK YOU are so busy and you still took time to do this - I can't tell you how much that means to me!

Jennifer Buck said...

How sweet are you! These are the cutest and they do look snuggly warm! :)