Thursday, February 5, 2009


We shopped!
(Eli trying on hats at The Gap!)

We played!
(Eli watching the lights on his play ?thing? !)

HE napped!!
(Wears a little guy out going shopping with mommy and Gma!)

What Gma wouldn't drive 4 hours(2 each way) to spend a day with her grandson!! Randi, Eli and I had such a nice day! A little shopping at Rosedale!! Lunch out! (Eli was perfect ! Slept while we ate! Had his bottle, burped! Then back to shopping!) Then we played at their house and Eli took a couple of naps! A great day!! And I have to thank Randi for saying what a great day she was having! "Oprah's on, Eli's sleeping, my mom is here (and she got a new Pottery Barn catalog), what could be better?" Gpa Tim is going next week for 'his turn'!! (Randi goes back to work in 2 weeks!!) I'm so glad she was able to have a 12 week maternity leave. She was able to be home to see all Eli's changes, which happen quickly at this age.

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