Sunday, February 1, 2009


What a fun weekend we had with our
Reinhart 'family'!!
Every January Reinhart Foods has an awards
banquet for their sales force. This year
the banquet included celebrating their
25th Anniversary since Reinhart bought
Marshall Food Service. Tim had been with
Marshall Foods for 2-3 years when Reinhart
bought them. We have seen a lot of people
come and go over the years. And boy,
has it been fun.....we have met so many
wonderful (and some interesting) people!!
Saturday the sales guys had meetings for 4 hours
while their wives had massages, got their hair done,
did a little shopping and went to 'Flight School'!!
Actually, we went to The Lankmark Bistro
where they have Martini Flights!(note the
glass trays on the table!)

Then Saturday evening was the annual Awards Banquet!
Tim's parents have been coming for the last 3 years
since Clarence received the Eagle Award (an employee
of the year award given to a transportation, warehouse
or office employee.)

Marla, Terry and I!

Tim's mom(Jean) congratulating him on
25 years at Reinhart!


Tim, John(Murph), and Larry!
Three of the 9 or so original employees!

After the banquet everyone headed over to the
Marshall Inn for a little 'entertainment'!
Reinhart style!!!! There was karaoke going on
so a few of the office girls entertained us!
(or did they??!?)
Most of us just looked(laughed)on!
And then even the sales force had their entertainers!!
The auctioneer got his '25 dollar bid' in!!
And the 'Wild Thing' Todd capped off the night with
his now legendary rap song!!
Great memories, we're all looking forward to next year!!

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Susan said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a fun time. I only got ONE picture of Megan because we got there almost right when it started so I didn't have the greatest spot to take pictures at the beginning. It's on my blog - check it out! :)