Sunday, February 15, 2009


Through the 80's and 90's I did home
daycare! I enjoyed all the different kids
who came to my home. Some were
only there for summer breaks,
and some came year round.
I can hardly believe that they
are old enough to get married.
Last July we went to Jordan's wedding
and yesterday was Heidi's!!
I feel like they should
still be playing dress up!!!! Like below!
Heidi is the little 'drama queen'(hehehe) in front
(wearing an old bridesmaid dress of mine)!
And behind her is Megan, who was one of
Heidi's bridesmaids, and my niece Heather.
Here's the beautiful bride, Heidi! No drama!
She was a perfect bride, even with a couple tears
of joy as she walked down the aisle with her dad.

And Megan, she is still the cutest (little) sweetie!
And here is Heidi's little brother Jeremy!
I watched him from when he was a baby
till he was in elementary school. I always
got in trouble with his mom for rocking him
to sleep when he was small. (Who wouldn't
want to rock and cuddle this cutie patootie?)
(Jere with the dress and my nephew, Brett,
as a bear!!)
And this is the face I will always remember!

Well..............they grow up! Jere is now in
college... and still a cutie patootie!!

Congratulations, Heidi and Jared!!

Don't worry Mark! She'll always be
your little girl!!

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Susan said...

Great pictures! It's fun to see the kids growing up. I go through this on a "sister" level since my Mom did daycare ... exciting to see the kids grow into adults!