Friday, October 24, 2008

370(aka, Ian)

1Lt. Ian D. McLaughlin
Location:S. Johnson AFB, NC

Ian has been flying T-38's like these...........

Next he will be flying planes like these, AT-38's.

And eventually, F-15E's!!

Nicknames are a given in the military.
Ian's is 370! Has to do with ordering 3 drinks
and going to fast at a certain altitude.
Some of the others were like Ike and Toby.
And it sounds like the nickname will stick.

So this morning was the 'wings' ceremony.
General Stephen Lorenz gave the graduation
address to the 19 members of Class 09-01!!

Ian's mother, Marcie pinned on his wings!

After the ceremony we did a little more
touring! Listening to Ian talk about what
he has been doing made us so proud!
He is still the wonderful young man we
have watched grow up.

What an honor to share this time with him!!

Time to get ready for the 'party' at the officers club....

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Susan said...

What a great day ... and some nice pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful day as well.