Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally... a few cards!

Where have I been?(I ask myself.) I have been trying to get more organized at home and at work. Purging, purging, purging. Feels good, but now I need to take time to make a few cards.
Not much more than a month till our first grandchild will be born. So it's 'shower' time. I made these little cards to send out to the great-gma, and a couple of great-aunts. The stamps are Unity of course!! And I used my first Copics pen. Now I know why everybody says they are the best!
I also have been making some b-day cards for someone who is having a birthday in 33 days! But since she reads my blog I can't show them. I have been sending her a card a day for the 50 days before her birthday. They are more personalized with pictures and crazy sayings like: Close your eyes and imagine(picture of friend and I floating on George Lake on front)....(inside) The sun on your body,
the breeze in your hair, and the feeling of
being carefree young girls again. Now
open your eyes, pay the bills, take
your pills and wash his dirty underwear.
hehe-hehe LOL!! I'll have to post a
few after the big day!!
Well, off to mails these cards!

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